Don’t Silence Me, I Need to Get Free

Take time to love the black women around you. Tell us that we are loved, hear our voices ring from various buildings and streets, hug us and keep our sense of self strong, kiss us with sweetness and full hearts, help us to get freedom while we’re here on this earth in a physical body. Too many of us are getting our freedom in other ways and this world needs us, our sisters here need us. Rest in peace to all the black women who get their freedom when the rainbow is too much. Xo

Some tunes to jam to while reading as usual. These last few months have been really interesting. I’ve noticed more recently just how often people, regardless of race or gender seek to silence black women. I say seek because there is a sought out behavior in it. Society very often asks black women to speak or even pushes us the mic to then humiliate, ridicule, and ultimately silence. It is as though what is important in today’s society is the complete dehumanization of the black female vocal expression. What comes out is not an articulate woman who can uplift, but an angry animal that must be put down. Where did this come from? How to we escape? Do we escape? Can we escape?



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