Happy Pride Month

For those who don’t know, this month is Pride Month. Pride month is a time when the LGBT community gets together and celebrates each other. It’s raucous, loving, sex-filled, but also can be erasing. Within mainstream PRIDE, there are subsets, Black Pride and LatinX Pride. I’ve never felt at home at Pride. I’ve always gone to Black Pride and felt a relief wash over me. These were my people. Black Womanhood is tricky. It dictates that my life be filled with both racism and sexism, therefore, I’m not at home with Queer people as they tend to erase my tri-existence as Queer and Woman and Black. With the event of the Pulse shooting in Orlando and the loss of people that I knew in my life, I had to take stock. I went to this vigil in Providence and somehow the mention of this event occurring to People of Color went unacknowledged. The notion of intersectionality went unaddressed. I cried, I’m healing, I’m moving forward.  I want this life to be more about joy than about erasure.



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