Meditations on Body Loving & Healthy Living

Hello Blogosphere! Well, it’s been a week of being on the W{Healthy} Living Plan and I can now actually evaluate and speak on my detox process. Re-wiring your body to treat yourself well is a process. We have to learn how to re-wire not only our bodies, but our minds as well. On an everyday basis, how many times do you think about the layers of yourself? I know, weird question right? But we as human beings have so many layers to who we are and on this Living Plan, I got to map out and dig into more of those layers. Let me explain, courtesy of my dear friend and business partner, Baja Marie, I have gifted her my body for the week. I only eat food that she prepares for 7 days as a detox process. It was challenging and illuminating, fun and delicious.

Hunger is a great motivator. When I’m full, satiated, I don’t feel as much, try as hard, breathe as deeply or even really challenge myself to question. Our world likes to keep us satiated. The abundance of junk foods that tricks us into feeling full, yet we keep eating is astounding when you think about it. We are feeding not only our physical body. We feed our spiritual selves, our physical selves, our inner child, our mental body, our emotional body, etc. One thing I learned that was most powerful is that all of that gets knowledge when I intake food, so it is imperative that I choose wisely. The early days of the Plan were mapped out by quiet, stillness, breathing and getting in touch with my soul, what’s passed my eyes and passed my immediate brain. Questions of: Who am I really? Who am I outside of a name? Who is this spirit that I seem to be? I personally find those things in moments of stillness, when all I have is myself to be present with. Something else that I realized in these early days was that I never learned how to really breathe. I’m a singer, dancer, actress and I never thought twice about how my breath filters in my original self! How is that?! Breathing gets me in touch with my emotions, with my body, with my spiritual awareness. To breathe is to engage. Maybe that’s why yoga classes focus so much on breathing. What is your individual breathing style? That was my main challenge. Yoga classes and vocal technique can teach me to breathe for my performance but when I’m walking down the block on a sunny day, how do I take in the oxygen around me? How do I thank my lungs for the work they do and indulge them? All of this had to be a main focus because I was so hungry! I ate all day! I had apples, almonds, a smoothie, a salad, and yet I was always hungry. I didn’t quite understand it! The beginning of the detox process insists that you embrace the hunger and let it fuel you.

I read somewhere in the search for some good memes, that in 2016, we as human beings are wired to think negatively about ourselves and everyone and everything around us. In re-wiring my brain for love and positivity, I realized just how difficult it is to challenge the world around you, but also that when you make a decision to love and take no prisoners as you do it, the Universe supports your endeavor. As I re-wired my brain, I ran across loving energy consistently, and when I didn’t, instead of taking the bait of negativity, I turned the energy given to me around in a positive manner. Most of the time, the result was love sent back! So, how powerful are our hearts when we give our minds a rest?

The end the Plan was characterized with music. I had lots of energy and spent time out in the gorgeous California sun but I also found time to play music that massaged my soul back to life. The two albums that stuck out the most were Jill Scott’s “Light of the Sun” and Kelis’ “Food”. Both relatively recent, but with an old flavor, I sank into my bed and let the chords and emotions wash over me. I felt solid, rested and ready to get back to me.

Damali Speaks Xx

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