Comparison: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Hey Faithful Blogosphere! I hope that your week was absolutely full of wonder and love! Mine was! The topic this week came at the very end of the week in sort of a shock to my system and wake up call. All of my life, I’ve experienced comparison. I was compared to my older sibling, my friends, etc. Some of the time, the comparison came from my own mind, but most of the time it came from the people around me. This isn’t a singular experience as I’ve come to realize and so in the hopes of rooting out the truth, I figure a blog post dedication is worth it. So the topic of the week is Comparison: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.


Sometimes I wonder if it’s natural for human beings to compare themselves to others. We do so with weight, looks, abilities, etc. “Well, she has a better butt than me.”, “He has a better car.”, and yet what we fail to see in these comparisons is that they’re completely unnecessary. Does envy help us get what the other person has? Does it make us value what WE HAVE?


The Good

The Good in Comparison is that it works to propel us as human beings forward. I personally choose to compare myself to the person I was yesterday. Am I more grateful today? Am I allowing myself to flow more today than I did yesterday? Am I embracing myself more? If the answer is no, then I’m not doing what I need to be doing and it’s my choice of whether or not to stay stuck or to elevate to who I’m meant to be today. I’m meant to elevate every day, not just on days where I feel like it. Every. Day. Be more. More generous. More loving. More hardworking. More in love with myself. More open. More creative. Be More.


The Bad

The Bad of Comparison is pretty obvious. It can paralyze. If we as human beings consistently listened to the lower vibrational pull of “what I don’t have” versus “what they have”, we live in a constant state of envy, depression, greed, jealousy, and overall unhappiness. So why do we do it? Why do we choose to stay at the lower vibration of existing? What’s the appeal?


The Ugly

The Ugly of Comparison, especially for those of us in the Black Community where these numbers are escalating, is the source of colorism, homophobia, rape and sexual abuse, etc. How is it that hundreds of years later, we as a people are still elevating light skin above dark skin, straighter hair above tight kinks and curls, and young women are still being sexually abused at alarming rates? Where did we learn this behavior and why does it continue? Where does comparison come in?


Overrall, we must CHOOSE to elevate above. Comparison, like any other learned behavior is a choice. We choose to take part. How can we twist things that may seem negative so that we can attain positive results? We must choose to believe in our self. Put out sense of self first above all else and refuse to be brought down. We owe it to ourselves, to this plane, to this planet, to this ethereal world that we take part in every day.


Love Always,


Damali Speaks

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