“You ARE living art. Your whole personality and presentation” – Spencer Jones


“She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice, it was supposed to make you feel something.” – Rainbow Rowell


I know myself and I know myself well. Continuing to learn myself is a choice. I choose to know myself and to love myself through the deepest trauma. I’m learning that the rabbit hole has no bottom and so I’m still falling, much like Alice and wondering what time it will soon be, if time still can be counted.


How many spirits live in these bones of mine? When did they take up residence and how can we co-exist? I like to dream so much and get bruised by reality. I’m not nearly the first to be here and I certainly won’t be the last. My art, my self is my map to a land of freedom that I only dream about.


I feel this deep yearning.

Do you feel it too?

Does it call your blood as well?

How often can you say that you listen before being lost?


– The Wordsmith

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