Beware of liars.

Liars say things like “I Miss You” when they don’t reach out to establish a reciprocal rapport. Liars say things like “I love you” but leave you with empty actions and embarrassment.

It sounds nice at first.

I myself used to be one… a liar. I’m not anymore. I don’t do those things anymore. Reciprocity means care and consideration and my soul is too old and tired to keep a wide reaching relationship of questionable worth in my bank book.

I can’t afford overdraft fees.

Today I asked myself the question “When?”

When did someone hurt you so bad that you decided from that moment on to only give people parts of you and never again a part of your heart?

Someone did hurt you.

You did close as a clam does.

When? Can you remember back that far?

People are irresponsible and most of the time they don’t even take care of their own heart, so why would you ever give people who have proven themselves untrustworthy, your absolute trust?

Have you only known incomplete love?

Is that why you think that neglect means that you’ve seen a green light?

Are the red flags a challenge of the most gratuitous kind?

Sweet One, you deserve more from and for yourself. Honor your time, your reach, your expansive self and love.

Do not be nice, but be kind.

Do not worry about who “likes” you and instead, who honors and respects you. Make knowing and learning you a skill that one must acquire.

Ask yourself the many questions of life and make the journey to the answer your sweet tea.

You are worth it.

– Sincerely, The Wordsmith Xx

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