Do I write enough about the process of gratitude?

Were you taught to exist in a space of thanks as much as you breathe?
I wasn’t.
And I’m grateful for that. Grateful that I must learn the process of grace.
Does one appreciate as much if it comes easily?

As we all have our process, do you spend time in comparison and contrast?
Don’t we all?
Isn’t that the process of human existence?
I can only see from where I stand?
Maybe empathy really is magick on fire.

What are you grateful for?
I’m grateful for love.
Real and true, fulfilling, unconditional love.
I’m learning what that looks like and loving every moment

I once heard that poison bites us two ways:

  1. Going in
  2.  Going out

The process of leaking poison means that I’m human and for that too am I grateful.
I am learning the balance of love & hate that exist naturally in the world.
Where is my balance?

How do I accept and nurture that both will always find me and that I choose how to bandage each wound?

What will you manifest in this world? You are magick. Declare what you please.

I manifest a beautiful/cozy home that is all mine

I manifest waves of love and acceptance of myself and others

I manifest jobs that I love and that fill me financially so that I may save and enjoy comfort

I manifest spaces that continue to open my eyes and bring me family

I manifest having a gratitude for the truth and the things that I have

I manifest movement and health for my body

I manifest feelings of self love and accomplishment in work well done and life well lived

-The Wordsmith Xx

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