Moving On

Over & over

On and on we go

Moving fast

Going slow

And so

I’ve been thinking a lot about time lately

How it moves

How we move with it

Or don’t.

In time,

What do I allow myself?

Seconds, minutes, Days, months, years

I don’t know that I want to make time an obsession of mine

Maybe just a hobbie

Something to dally in until I feel the grip of loss or progression

I feel a lot like a balloon in the wind

And yet like a stone thrown in the river

Hitting the bottom with a thud and unmoving for centuries after


And still floating

I like to take walks in earth with my feet bare and my heart open

It makes me remember that my existence here is temporary

I’m simply borrowing

And will soon return like so many before me

I’m simply here to learn, act and observe

I make mistakes

I’m likeable sometimes

And other times not

I’m human

You’re human

We’re spirits having a human experience

So just remember

That we’re all floating and grounding in temporary

– Catherine Speaks Xx