(Mercurial Thoughts)

Mercury is in Retrograde

And I happen to love it.

I love being late when I’m supposed to be on time and confused when I’m supposed to be solid in mind and no…this isn’t sarcasm.

I love it because I am reminded of balance at the center of my core.

That I want all the control and the Universe holds most of it. So chill.

Take a second. Breathe. Move your body.

Do some yoga. Dance to your favorite song.

I find myself constantly moving and working with and through. With energy from some deeply rooted place and I embrace the growth.

What do you embrace?

It’s all so trivial.

And yet such reality.

Who do you share your space with?

How do you engage in solitude?

How do you establish boundaries?

Do you?

How do you enforce them when crossed?

I know it’s hard, but essential.

Remember that you are strong and present.

The only one who lives in your body is you.

You are capable of such love.

Breathe, Baby.

-The Wordsmith Xx