You know that moment

when you try to do some/thing

that you know you shouldn’t

be doing and the Universe

says no with CAPS LOCK ON?

I keep trying to be the perfect worker be/e

And somehow it doesn’t ever work out for me

That’s okay I guess…

May/be I just have to figure it out

In this era of the world that we live in

That (we thrive in)

That (we survive in)

How do “we” continue to

question rightness and


When thrown in our faces is searing truth

But maybe that’s the lesson.

Use your voice to move mountains

Maintain a selfhood where

Everywhere wishes for you to abandon

Your truest self with a social construction

Take Hold of what makes you

Though your heart may hurt now,

You will continue to find

What you truly wish to find

And shed that shit

that don’t make no sense

-The Wordsmith Xx

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