I know that I’m a day late and what some might call a dollar short.

A thursday meant for a wednesday but self care dictates what I will and won’t do.

So here I am

In my Strong/Resilient and Indigenous Shirt as black as I want to be and I question

i like to sit in coffee shops and analyze my life thus far while my phone charges

I think often about the good sex I just had and the tarot card I pulled this morning.

The indigenous women I speak with regularly and the ancestors I smudge with and isn’t it funny

that all of this affirms my selfhood .

My existence

My own free spirited visibility

and I’m all right

Learning stillness and how to be in love

How to live

how to affirm

and hold open space for what is to come

My lungs are fulled with sage, juniper and cedar.

I speak smudge smoke.

I breathe healing

I exhale truth and sight and other planes

Do you smell it?

Kiss me.

Then tell me what you sense.

I am descended of medicine people and I follow in their footsteps

I find myself in the training work of reclamation and wholeness and everyday I find planes

to soar

over and under with the guidance of spirits that span centuries and I breathe and smudge and smudge and I cry

as grounded as I will ever be

I am also floating in the world thus is my purpose to flit and float and heal

may bee never to land

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