I got my period.menses.moon cycle the other day

And it felt so good I wanted to cry

It hurt and I did cry

I cried. Died. to my old self

Then I danced in my 90 degree apartment

All sweat

and I’m not pregnant



Hip movements

Body circles

Feeling like forget it all

It matters so much that it doesn’t matter at all

Wanting to run in the rain

and bleed

BE/e blood

After all that’s what we’re made of


Blood and a womans sweetness and dedication

Mans semen sticky and smelly

Smelling for days after of uncharacteristic smell


Maybe they smell bad because of trash

May/bee not

They are necessary flowers

Honey suckle rose

Sometimes rough and other times gentle

Be slow

But blood filled cup/tampon/sponge/pad/hand/whatever

breathing came rough


I gasped and wondered how I wanted hugs in the midst of raging hormones

But I did

I still do


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