I want your lips, your mouth on mine

So soft, sweet

Like my favorite chocolate

My treat yo self

On a gorgeous summer night


“Kiss me”

Soft then deep, deeper, deepest

I want to taste you in all the ways

There are to taste someone

And I do

Your skin is mine to make a map of

Licking and sucking

I like finding what makes you moan


Move our bodies against each other

Still clothed but what does that matter

We move like choreography

Fitting just right

I want to feel you.

Through your clothes.

Take them off

To chocolate silky skin


We put our hands together

Fingers laced

Yours dwarf mine

And you hold me so tight

Hands tracing my body

Light and heavy touches alternating


And then there’s

Wet that seeps from my clothes and you put your hand there

“You’re so wet, baby”

Of course

I want you

And you slowly


You play with me


Put your mouth where your hand was

And I lose all control, thought, reason

I just need you there

Finding the spaces that get wettest with your mouth all over me

You like hearing my breath shallow and how I moan

Cuz it’s just so fucking perfect


Through salt, sweat and self

You find your way inside me

And I gasp at the wait

Of you

And how smooth we move

as won


Where do I end and you begin?

Where do you end and I begin?



You know the sound I make when I’m close

I let you guide me there

How my breath just can’t catch

Oxygen is illusive

No longer my friend

And my body loosens as

you add to the tempo


“Please don’t stop”

Bout to come to you.

And you kno


what u do

2 me


So sensitive

Sometimes you touch just to here me squeal

From my orgasm haze


I want your arms around me

Tethering me in place

I’m not goin anywhere

I can’t.

You won’t let me.


I seem to always need to lay on your chest

On darkchocolate

That good 4 your heart


Wrap myself around you

and sleep


Be/e warm


You say you don’t know how 2

sleep with someone

You’re right.


You snore and you hate cuddling me

Your small spoon who is much bigger than I

You take my covers


I want you

So bad I clench my legs when I think about sex with you


I feel like a bad girl

I shouldn’t have these thoughts

But I do




Kiss me

Touch me

Fuck me

Make love to me


Something we haven’t done


Play with me

Take it so slow we lost track of time


Talk in my ear

That good shit, baby


Makeout with me like high school

Humping clothes still on

the only adventure we/e know


Fingers hold the world

And yours know my secrets

I know yours


Make me feel


More than this empty


And it’s not forever

But damn if it aint right now


Nights like this I want you next to me

I wanna curl up in the nook of your arm

Wrap my legs over yours and

sleep in your heat


The cool wind blows through the window

And your hold on me tightens

Somehow in your sleep

You fight with wanting me close


Pushing me away


You don’t know what you want


You don’t know if its me


And I know that I accept right now


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