It has been a looooong time since my last blog post. So much has happened. Let me be completely honest, I had a long series of writers block, and then I got a new computer and forgot my password and had to sort through my whole life of notebooks that I’ve kept over the years to find it and well, it took until now. SO here we are. 2019 edition.

This blog space has always been one that I return to because I found a center in doing so. Writing and creating and cultivating has been so healing.

I am now 200 HR Yoga Certified! YAY! I’ve gained some extra weight through the winter because the show I was working finished and besides a travel stint of 3 weeks, I’ve been home laying down and watching Netflix. Where did I travel to? Well I went to visit my partner in Portland Or, decided to move there for a year post this coming July and then went to New Mexico and spent time with amazing brown women, men and children who showed me that life is best with family and love. I returned to New York exhausted but so full of something, maybe it was love.

2018 went out like a light that 2019 picked up and ran down the hallway with. I welcomed the new year pretty intentionally. I re-set my altar space, lit a smudge stick, prayed, and painted. My life has completely changed in such a short time and I’m learning to roll with all the twists and turns that can continually happen. I never do know where I’m going to be in six months, much less a year and that’s the completely liberating part of my life.

The podcast returns NEXT WEEK! I’m so incredibly excited for season 2 to rear its head and show its tremendous teeth. I’m working on writing a new play and that’s taking up a lot of time and energy. I’m growing. I’m me.

This new year has sparked new life into me. Another year at life has sparked some things that may seem a given as a twenty-something brown woman.

What am I actually doing? How am I actually living this life or is it living me? What is health? I’ve had a ton of questions and not exactly a whole lot of answers. What do I return to? Self care. This reality that maybe I don’t care for myself as I believe that I do and that I can always learn to be better.

I often think in esoteric existence. What really is it to care, to de-colonize, to dream, to make things happen? Various ways of healing and holding space for where I am, how I am, reminds me to breath and just be.

And then some things, well, they’re always better after a good nap.

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