I did it. I bought a yoni egg set and I’ve been steadily using them for a while now. The set is the most beautiful rose quartz and I’ve been bonding with it in hopes of healing at least some of the trauma inflicted on my womb and body from sexual assault and other traumas that hold womanhood in its grasp. Crystals are not iphones. They require time spent and cleansing and that’s what I’ve been doing in the months since I bought them. I know that it’s been a bit of a fad, but here are the reasons why I bought the set and why I’m giving it a chance. If you’re out there weighing the pros and cons, here’s a set list as to why I broke down, spent the money and time and spiritual investment.


5. Strong Muscles

The main thing that I find when I type in “Jade Egg” with Dr. Google is that working with Jade Eggs can strengthen the pelvic muscles. As a dancer and yoga instructor I can proudly say that my pelvic muscles are doing just fine, but also that working with my jade eggs of varying sizes in varying exercises has given me a lot of strength in my pelvic region. In the last 6 months, I can in fact feel a change. I don’t have to run to the bathroom in an effort to pee, and sometimes I even wear them when doing my own yoga practice. It helps! 

Some beginning exercises can include rolling the hips up and down with the egg inside the vagina. You can hold the string or not, but I focus mostly on how the crystal feels. Does it feel warm? Cold? Is it hard to squeeze? Is it hard to relax? I practice being hyper aware of my pelvis so that whatever I do, feels like I have agency over my body. 

4. Good Sex? Hmmmm

Well, this one all depends on the kind of sex that one plans on having. I definitely feel more, having used my eggs regularly. I’m more sensitive in clitoris, vulva and vagina areas. That may be because I’m consciously doing more work both spiritually and physically and that may be because of the eggs! Either way, I’m enjoying my masturbation and sexual intercourse time with my life partner. 

3. Healing My Vagina!

This came up a bit before, and I LOVE talking about it. Healing my whole sexual organ network has been a constant journey for myself. In fact, here I sit, late at night with my Obsidian Yoni egg inside of me and you know what…this too is healing work. There is no one fits all when it comes to healing and sexual energy. I do believe that the eggs have helped me to engage with myself in ways that I previously may have not delved into. Do what works for you! 

2. Getting to Know My Womb Better

Ah the womb. About two years ago, I said that I wanted to live in my womb, whatever that meant. To me, a womb is warm, wet, bloody, clean, healing, home. I have never felt encouraged to discover my womb space. I think that when I started this journey, I was full of weeds and pain. I’m not yet a blooming garden, but I’m certainly on my way. Have my yoni eggs helped in that process? MOST CERTAINLY. I sleep with one of my yoni eggs inside me usually every night or every other night. I cleanse and wash them regularly. I generally rock my hips around and get a feel for strength combined with emotional healing work.  About a week ago, I started to have some discomfort in my womb, and I got really worried. I began charting my cycles around the same time that I got started on this journey and you know what…I was just ovulating, but I had never really FELT ovulation before! Healing is profound. Beginning the process of listening to ones body can be incredibly enlightening and awe inspiring. 

1.  Self Care!

Oh my dear self care. What can I say? Within this process, the one thing that I am learning from yoni eggs is patience and care. This “healing process” does not happen overnight. It is a slow, arduous uphill climb and developing endurance is a must. I’ve learned how to just listen. I don’t always heed, but I do always listen. Crystals are not iphones. You don’t just hold them and “oh mah gah magic!” You must work with them, earn their trust, let them learn you and your space before you learn from them. Inserting yoni eggs inside of you is a sacred practice. Be easy with yourself boo. 


As always, feel free to ask any questions, and leave me any comments and messages.


If you have thoughts you’d like to email me, I’d love to hear from you!



Love Always

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