I’m moving in 14/13 days give or take a couple hours. That is a fortnight, otherwise known as 2 weeks. There’s still a lot for me to do and it seems like the days are moving faster than I can keep up with them. This is preparing to move. I’m sure that for so many of you who have also moved multiple times, or are just getting ready to, it feels/felt pretty much the same. The overwhelm. But something I realized in all of my moving times is that very rarely does anyone say, did you eat something that fuels you?, have you taken a nap?, did you breathe today?

While “getting things done” mode is effective, it’s also tiring…so here are 5 things to do when you’re in the moving process that have absolutely nothing to do with packing, taping, painting, donating, selling or scheduling.

5. Positive Self Talk

This time is overwhelming by nature of the beast. Whether you are moving cross country or across the block or any stage of in-between. Moving is overwhelming. Speak well to yourself. Whatever you do or don’t do for the day, it’s ok. Tell yourself how wonderful you are, how courageous, how full of life, how sweet. You got this and it got you.

4. Eat Something That Fuels You

Ok, so you may or may not be in the stage where all your things are at least somewhat packed. I know this can be a lil hard, but make sure to eat something from a plant. Your body will thank you. I know that so often I get overwhelmed (there’s that word again) and feeding myself well goes out the window and what remains is whatever the heck is there. What is there is usually junk food and I wind up eating things that make me regret it, because I’m slow moving from eating heavy food. In order to keep that energy up and flowing, eating what your body needs is important. If that means that you keep protein bars in your bag and bags of kale at the ready, do it. Also eat those fries from the Chinese spot around the corner too. Balance is the goal.


I know things are crazy right now. Maybe you’re in the midst of saying goodbye to friends, maybe you’re switching jobs, whatever it is in this profound moment of change, remember to get some much needed REST! As much as you love to think so, your self does not run on nothing. Even if it’s only 5 minutes of sitting and looking out the window, sit yourself down and take a much deserved and needed rest. If you can fit in a nap, even better. You can do this.

2. Phone a Friend

This is specifically for my folx moving out of town, city or state. In those moments when you become doubtful that this is right or whatever the case is, take a second and phone a friend. Communicate where you’re at and if it’s okay to just chat for a lil bit. Ask a friend to come over and just sit with you as you pack things. Let yourself be loved. In times of high anxiety, remembering that you’re not alone and that you in fact do have family can be the thing that brings you from cray to okay.

1. Remember to Breathe

The number one thing that saves my sanity is remembering to breathe and move my body. For me, that’s at least 30 mins – 1 hour of yoga practice, some meditation, and deep breathing. For you, maybe that’s a long walk, a trip to the gym, a long run, a short 5 minute pace around the house, etc. Get your blood pumping a lil bit and remember to allow yourself space.

Moving is an adventure not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot to get to a place of stillness and allowance. You got this. It has begun and believe me it will end. The journey…right now is the fun part.

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