I’m tryna love you After such a long thyme

I’m tryna gather these herbs and place them on the open wound that is my spirit

I’m tryna re-rrange the thoughts the physicality the hatred of a space of blood and tissue

Only because it isn’t on someone else

I’m tryna love that extra space, those titties that are always too big for you to be comfortable with (even though they’re always mad pretty in photos)

I’m tryna love the body that is too much like your fathers and I know your mother hates that

I’m tryna love that connect to your ancestors somewhere and your mothers bodies were always mishandled & misused and how could you not help but be them in that too

I’m tryna initiate a profound love for the extra something and the extra something and that extra something else

I’m tryna understand you and you are beginning to let me and now we have time.

So lets

Lets have thyme, bay leaves and sage, juniper too

Let’s have a moment where we breathe in the smoke and let it flow to those spaces

Lets be

Lets exist

Lets sit in the sun and marvel at our melanin

Lets re-claim what you didn’t know

Lets talk to others like us and give and receive hugs

Lets stand in front of the mirror naked and enjoy what we see

Lets put on those pum pum shorts that make you happy and let your cheeks jiggle

Lets put on that tank top that lifts those titties

Lets wear that crop that lets your belly rise and fall in all of its fullness

Lets do this

Lets heal

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