This blog of sorts began as a young black/brown queer woman theater artist’s way of making sense of the world. This exploration turned into a self love journey and here I am. Originally a New Yorker, ย I am currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. In addition to my own personal artistry decorating this blog space, I am the Artistic Director of Speak Theater Productions. ย Make sure to follow me on Instagram @talk2thecat for more!

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Catherine Speaks Xo

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Catherine Speaks is a native New Yorker and performing artist who wears many hats. She is the Founder and Artistic Director of Speak Theater Productions as well as “In Search of My Own Gardens”, a blog space devoted to discovery of self and black, queer identity. She is currently a teaching artist with Inside Broadway and finished an Education Internship with Trinity Repertory Company where she was lucky enough to perform with the Brown/Trinity MFA Acting Program. Catherine holds a B.A. in Theater & Dance Studies/Africana Studies from Wheaton College/Brown University.

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