This blog of sorts began as a young black queer woman theater artist’s way of making sense of the world. This exploration turned into a self love journey and here I am. Originally a New Yorker,  I am currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. In addition to my own personal artistry decorating this blog space, I am the Artistic Director of Speak Theater Productions.  Make sure to follow me on Instagram @blackgirlhope for more!

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Catherine Speaks Xo

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Catherine Braxton/Catherine Speaks is a native New Yorker and performing artist who wears many hats. She is the Founder and Artistic Director of Speak Theater Productions as well as “In Search of My Own Gardens”, a blog space devoted to discovery of self and black, queer identity. Most recently, she finished an Education Internship with Trinity Repertory Company and was lucky enough to perform with the Brown/Trinity MFA Acting Program. Catherine holds a B.A. in Theater & Dance Studies/Africana Studies from Wheaton College/Brown University.

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