Welcome to In Search of My Own Gardens. I’m Catherine Speaks (she. they) survivor of trauma, speaker, writer, poet, performance artist, healer, yogi and yoga instructor. On this website, you’ll find a lil bit of all these things. Poetry, some healing movements, think pieces on black femme existence, and more.  I created In Search of My Own Gardens because I’ve been constantly on the search for the Gardens my mothers left behind for me to find. Just maybe as I search for my own gardens, you also find yours rooted somewhere within mine. In Search of My Own Gardens is about the healing process, the search, the journey and the community that gets built along the way. 

I offer private yoga sessions, which you can find in the Yoga Sessions tab. 

I am available for bookings/collaborations:

Contact Me: damalispeaks@gmail.com


Catherine Speaks


Catherine Speaks is a performance artist, yoga instructor and writer based in Portland, Oregon, originally from Long Island, New York. They are the founder of “In Search of My Own Gardens”, blog space, devoted to discovery of self, reclaiming ritual practice, BIPOC queer identity, as well as healing from trauma. Most recently their work has woven worlds as Blogger & Advocacy Trainer with Indigenous Women Rising, a nonprofit based in Albuquerque, NM and R.E.A.D & R.U.L.E., a nonprofit based in Brooklyn, NY that inspires literacy and self care for black and brown children & teens. They are 200HR Yoga Certified and passionate about engaging daily in more work with black and brown community and those healing from sexual violence.

Education Credits include: Education Internship with Trinity Repertory Company, performances with Brown/Trinity MFA Acting Program, B.A. in Theater & Dance Studies/Africana Studies from Wheaton College/Brown University.